Prince Wiliam showing the Queen and Prince Phillip a Trakka search light

R&I Gear Gets The Royal Tick of Approval

Featured in this photo is Prince William showing his Grandparents, The Queen & Prince Phillip around and highlighting the Trakka Systems TrakkaBeam A800 searchlight fitted to the Air Ambulance he pilots. The H145 Air Ambulance is located Cambridge Airport where Prince William works part-time as a helicopter pilot.  R & I is proud to have been involved with Trakka in their project from the very early development stages.

The TrakkaBeam A800 searchlight is a fully automated multi-mission system, that includes an integrated filter wheel, 0-60 degree per second elevation or azimuth, can be easily installed on new or existing searchlight mounts and is ideal for airborne surveillance, SAR, CSAR, Police Operations and covert security missions and is now well regarded as the benchmark in aviation searchlight performance. Contact Trakka Systems for more details.