It was very rewarding to have hosted another group of students from Chisolm TAFE, Dandenong, who were completing Workplace Practical Placement for their Bachelor of Engineering Technology. Our relationship with Chisolm has grown over the four years that we have been hosting students as we develop and tailor projects that can put the student's knowledge to use and grow their skill sets on projects that will help expand or streamline our capabilities.

R & I Instrument and Gear Company continue their quest to expand their Customer base and have proven their ability to adapt in the manufacturing industry by achieving Quality System requirements meeting the Aerospace standard AS9100.

R & I Gear are very pleased with their newest addition to the factory floor, a Star SR-20R III.

The Star SR-20R III sliding head lathe has the capability to enhance production and accuracy for medium complex components. The SR-20R III has a vast array of tooling options available including angular drilling, gear hobbing, deep hole drilling and thread whirling.

Ted celebrates 60 years of service

Celebrations were in order this week at the Hardman Bros and R&I headquarters as a unique milestone was reached by one of our employees. Our longest serving employee, Ted, has been working for Hardman Bros for a remarkable 60 years this month.


Prince William showing the Queen and Prince Phillip an air ambulance fitted with a Trakka searchlight

Featured in this photo is Prince William showing his Grandparents, The Queen & Prince Phillip around and highlighting the Trakka Systems TrakkaBeam A800 searchlight fitted to the Air Ambulance he pilots. The H145 Air Ambulance is located Cambridge Airport where Prince William works part-time as a helicopter pilot.  R & I is proud to have been involved with Trakka in their project from the very early development stages.

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